iphone 14

Soon the Owner of the iphone company announced that he is launching Apple iphone 14 in 2022. the owner of iphone company says that this phone will brings a biggest revolution in apple industry as well as mobile industry.

the owner of iphone company says that i phone 14 comes with massive features and with big screen . as compared to other phones of iphone there will be rumour upgrades i iphone 14

iphone 14 updated features

  • iphone comes with USB-C could drop the lightning port.
  • there will be no iphone 14 mini
  • According to the updates iphone 14 & and iphone 14 pro comes with 6.1 inch display as well as iphone 14 pro max comes with 6.7 inch display.
  • hole-punch Camera
  • Under display face id
  • No rear Camera Bump
  • A16 Chip
  • Qualcom X65 modem

According to the news the price of iphone 14 max can cost $899 from there iphone 14 pro could cost $999 and the iphone 14 pro max could cost $1,099 or more….

but the most significant change tipped for thr iphone 14 is the removal of notch display

there are some interesting rumours about the camera one preport that iphone 14 pro comes with 48MP main camera for there iphone 14

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